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About leamington Hibernian FC


Established in 1974, the success of Leamington Hibs is built upon the generations of players who return to the club in their later years, wanting to get involved or introducing their children into a footballing environment they trust.  Our continued development is a direct result of the community word of mouth that continues to involve everyday people in the running of a football club and policies aimed to provide footballing opportunities at all levels, for any child with an interest in football.

But don't take our word for it, see below what people currently in the game have to say about our club and the service we provide to our members.


Birmingham County Footbnall League

"Leamington Hibs have been developing over a number of years and was awarded at the end of 2009 with the FA Charters Standard Club Community Status, the highest level of award available through the Football Association.

I, along with a number of colleagues, have had the pleasure of working with the club to slowly build and develop the club and can honestly say that they have taken steps to ensure that quality runs through every strand of its foundations and when it comes to its ethos, the club is all about safety and fun. The people at the heart of the club are an inspiration to others, dedicating a lifetime of voluntary hours to the club and its members but also in working with and giving advice to other clubs wishing to follow in their footsteps.

I truly believe that Leamington hibernian deserve the recognition for their hard work so far but also know that they are not happy to sit back but are already making plans to develop the club further and offer organised sport for the wider community. Over 2,500 clubs are affiliated with the Birmingham County FA and Leamington Hibernian are definitely leading the way when it comes to raising standards."

Heidi Lockyer
Senior Football Development Officer - Birmingham County FA


"On recently working with Leamington Hibernian FC I found them to be very professional, passionate and very well geared to servicing the needs of their local community. I see no reason why this club would not be an honest and true partner for the local council to work with. I would like to show support for Leamington Hibernian in their pursuit of the opportunity for a ground"

Mark Walters and Leamington Hibernian FC

Mark Walters
Birmingham County FA Skills Coach - England International , Liverpool, Rangers and Aston Villa