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FA Respect Campaign and Club Code of Conduct

Leamington Hibs Needs you!

Like it or not, by bringing your child to Leamington Hibs, you have jumped on board what can only be describes as a rollercoaster of ups and downs, the successes and failures, the ecstasy and frustrations that surround junior football. The ethos of HIBS is built upon a foundation of volunteers that volunteer their time freely to enhance the lives of our children in what can be an equally thankless but infinitely rewarding task. The task being to KEEP YOUNG DREAMS ALIVE.

Whether you are a team manager, a coach or a parent we are therefore presented with a huge responsibility and it is the belief of this club that lessons learned on the football pitch, both positive and negative, will only serve to better prepare our youngsters for the realities they will face later on in life. For every winner there is a loser, winners grow in confidence, losers learn from their mistakes to become winners and a healthy balance of winning and losing delivers the positive attitude that will propel them toward greater things.

Soccer Parents

You turn out for every training session, every match. The mood of your day is influenced by the smile or tears of your child at the final whistle. Like it or not, you are now a soccer parent. Give a thought to the manager or coach who is doing his best to manage the expectations of every child and parent, sometimes at the expense of results, and lend a hand. You are there week in week out, would it hurt to help put up or take down the nets? You see the other team warming up with some fantastic drills before the game whilst your manager is busy filling in the match sheets. This is YOUR team, the more you can do to allow the manager to focus on the game, the more he can plan and adapt his ideas to the players that turn up on the day. As 'soccer parents' you too have a part to play.

Free FA Online Courses

Visit the links, take the free online courses and present your certificates to your team manager as it counts towards our applications for FA funding.

Managers and Coaches

You turn out for every training session, every match. You have ideas that you think you could use to improve the team. You know players that would come if they knew you were starting up something special but ......Ive never done anything like this before.

Its not that difficult. Fixtures are organised by the league, all that you need to do is confirm.  We have a refs secretary to appoint refs, all you need to do is get the nets and flags up ready for a fixture.

FA lvl 1 coaching courses are made available to all team managers to boost their confidence in coaching the kids, other coaches will contribute in the interim. There are also plenty of resources the club can provide in giving you ideas for training sessions and ratcheting up the fitness/technical levels of drills as players progress. The earlier you start, the easier it is. The hardest thing is to paint a permanent smile on your face and keep it fun.

Managers FAQ

What is the level of commitment required to run a team?
Essentially you will be expected to hold a weekly training session in preparation for a match fixture every Sat/Sun (subject to age group) between Sep1st and May 31st.
In addition you will have the opportunity to attend the monthly committee meetings and have an input as to how the club is run/financed.

Will I have sole autonomy over decisions regarding who plays for me?
Not necessarily, where we have numerous teams in one age group you will be expected to accommodate the flux of players that need to move up or down as the players develop. You may answer to a 'year head' and they will assist you in managing the expectations of players and parents. Be prepared to lose your star player if they have the opportunity to play at a higher level and welcome those that earn the opportunity to play for you.

What about my child, will he stay with me?
Of course you won't want to miss an opportunity to watch your child play. There are pro's and cons to running your childs team the most difficult task being to treat all players equal and children respond very differently to their parents than they would other managers. It certainly helps if your child can hold his own within the team and loves his football. The majority of our managers fall into this category and the most successful are those pitched at the level that their child is most comfortable. The question you really need to consider is whether you would be prepared to take this on if your child wasn't playing. If the answer is yes then you will best fit what the club is looking for.

What about Equipment?
Nets, flags, balls bibs and standard training aids are all provided by the club. Winter training facilities are scarce but the club will do everything we can to provide you with either indoor or outdoor options. Above all, each team has to be self financing so disciplined collection of subs is important.